Alexa Anamorphic Test

ARRI Alexa w/ Panavision Lenses: Anamorphic & Spherical Comparison
Testing field of view, flare, depth of field differences between anamorphic and spherical
Test #1: Panavision Primo 24mm (spherical) & Panavision G-Series 50mm (anamorphic)
Test #2: Panavision Primo 50mm (spherical) & Panavision G-Series 100mm (anamorphic)

ARRI Alexa w/ Panavision & Kowa Anamorphic Lenses
Testing the flare, distortion, focusing, bokeh, and veiling glare of anamorphic lenses
Panavision G-Series – 50mm – T2.8
Panavision E-Series – 50mm – T2.8
Panavision C-Series – 50mm – T2.8
Panavision Hi-Speed – 55mm – T2.8
Panavision Hi-Speed – 50mm – T1.4 (ISO 200)
Panavision B-Series – 50mm – T2.8
Panavision 16-AP – 50mm – T2.8
Kowa – 50mm – T2.8
ISO 800 (unless otherwise noted)
REC709 to SxS
Thank you to Cathy Peirce, Guy McVicker, and the rest of the staff at Panavision Hollywood.